Watching My Arising After Limb Lengthening Surgery

I have been unhappy for years 🙁 I distance myself from the people. I have always refused to love and be loved. The word “height”!!! I wish if I could remove this word from dictionaries. How many times I wanted to be invisible.

Yes, I am short and even admit it to myself makes me sad. Though I knew it would not work, I tried all the bullshit that I saw on the internet like everyone else. There would have to be another way – I would have increased my height… When I was researching on the internet, I learned by chance that it’s possible to increase height with limb lengthening surgery. I could feel as happy as I could have had surgery 🙂


I knew there was no other way and I found the way how to get taller. I was not afraid of surgery because I had nothing to lose, I was a “living dead”. I knew what I wanted and I had to go and get it …

I researched methods for about five months and I had to convince my family in this process. Every time when I tried to discuss it with my family, they didn’t allow me even start a conversation. I have chosen the most suitable LON method for me, but the choice of the doctor was difficult. I was aware that health was very important, that is why I chose Dr. Serkan Gurcan and his assistant. I contacted to the doctor’s assistant and got answers to all my questions, so I was absolutely ready for this surgery 🙂 of course my family was not convinced, but my mom supported me and I turned it into opportunity. I was assigned an operation previously.

I reached to the hospital without any problems and doctor’s assistant Mr. Onur was very helpful. I was informed again by the doctor and his assistant, all necessary medical tests were done and I was completely ready for the surgery.

The great day came and I had a surgery 🙂 When I opened my eyes I felt a little pain as I moved my feet, then I slept again. I could walk unaided 12 hours after the operation. I did not expect it, but it was great. There was little pain in my feet, and they began to swell the next day. My feet were pretty swollen. It lasted for 3-4 days, anyway I could walk with walker. I didn’t have much pain keeping me up at night. I had only “p” from the pain 🙂 I was discharged from the hospital after five days and I could walk again without any support. During my stay in the hospital, my doctor and assistant were so interested, warm and sincere, that I felt comfortable and peaceful because of the right choice… On the tenth day of the surgery I start to lengthen my height with my own hands. It was an indescribable happiness. Everything was so much better than I expected, I got what I wanted and now I just watch my arising every day… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Walking after 12 hours from the limb lengthening surgery:

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