Success Story About Rising From 172 to 179 cm’s

My height was not a problem for me until the end of college. I was a humorous person who was loved by people and was at peace with myself and people around me. When I graduated from college and started university, I gradually became obsessed with my height because of jokes about my short height in several friendly environments. People were constantly comparing me to my brother, by brother was 1.85 cm and sturdy man, but my height was 1.72 cm. As an example of this situation, I would like to share a few memories. My uncles live in Cyprus, they don’t fly to Turkey too much. My uncle’s son got married and came to us with his wife in terms of vacation and meeting. We were out at the same time with my brother. When we returned home, my brother entered the room and then I did. There was a conversation at that time. They were talking and laughing about that my brother was tall, but my height didn’t increased. I did not know what to say and I started to think about my height the first time.

Another day I was walking with my friend and we met an old man and he asked my friend about me. As my friend knew that the old man knew my brother, so told him who I was. The old man stared at me and said “he does not look like his brother at all; his brother is more sturdy, but he is frail”. At that moment I couldn’t do anything except remain silent. The funny part was that people who mentioned my short height were shorter than me.

Of course, I continued to be exposed to such situations all the time. Then I decided to leave university because of I didn’t like a department that I studied. That year I applied for the Public Personnel Selection Exam. With a little work I got the points to make me officer and left university. I left university, but didn’t tell my family about it. As I had enough free time, I started to look for remedies to solve the situation that I was obsessed with.

There’s a lot of useless information on the Internet. I never believed that they would be effectively, so I started concentrating directly on the surgery. During that time, I decided to have a limb lengthening surgery regardless of the cost to me as long as I had physical strength. Nobody would know about my surgery, and I decided to get rid of this situation by myself with a LON method. I used my tenure for Istanbul and started to work. In this case, nobody would know about my surgery and I could be in contact with the hospital. I have also been exposed to a lot of humor in my business life. The people at the organization I worked with were generally tall. I looked like a kid when I stand beside with a man of 1.95. I played football very well. When I told about it to my collegues, they were laughing at me and asked with doubt: “Really? With your short height and even as a striker?!” During the game I disgraced them, but anyway I felt bad when I faced such situations. I’ve been thinking about this surgery all day. Sometimes I compared my height to people who I met on a street, if they were shorter than me, or in the same height I thought my height is normal. But when I met tall people I began think about my height again.

After some time, I have found this site as a result of my research on the internet. Here was satisfactory information about the limb lengthening surgery. I contacted them and they recommended me Dr. Serkan Gurcan and send me his assistant’ phone number. After talking to him I’ve got answers to all my questions. In order to keep my operation secret, I broke up relationships with my friends, changed my phone number, rented a flat close to Istanbul and I was ready for a surgey. I was a little scared. I thought I’d give up. But if I gave up, this would be a life-long affliction. I thought I’d spent my 5 months with physically pain, than to live with morally pain for all my life.

I had too much pain after surgery, especially next 3 days. After that pain decreased.
I could walk with the walker on the 3rd day of the surgery and without walker on the 4th day. This was a good result for me than I expected. I could manage all of my needs without being dependent on anyone. I came home after 1 week and used the walker for 2-3 days at home, then I left it completely.

It was very boring to stay at home, but I had no other choice. It lasted till I gained up to 4 cm. In this period, in the beginning I had pain and sleeping problems. Sometimes I could sleep just two hours in a day. As time went by, the pain has reduced and then completely gone. I started physiotherapy at 4 cm lengthening. After 5 cm, calf muscles and achilles tendon began to strain on my right leg. It continued till 6.7 cm. I didn’t have any problems on my left leg. If everything would be okay with my right leg too, maybe I gained 8 cm, but I stopped lengthening at 6.7 cm. My target was 8 cm. Actually it was not too hard to do that, it was enough to lengthen 15 days more. The fact that I have to take care of myself, boring home life and distorted psychology did not allow to do that. Currently, my height is 1.78-1.79 cm. I’m satisfied with the surgery. I don’t think about my height any more. I am in the consolidation phase and waiting for bone healing. I haven’t enjoyed my new height yet, I hope I’ll be better in 1-2 months.

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